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General Information 

  How/When can I take my car/bike on track?

Road Atlanta books companies to come to the track to host track days for motorcycles and cars. See our events schedule for company names and dates.

  Can I have a tour of the track?

Tours need to be scheduled ahead of time by calling 800-849-7223. No tours are given during September and October.

  Can I buy racing fuel from the track?

Yes. You must make reservations to come to the track at least 24 hours prior by calling 880-849-7223. However, no purchases are allowed for the public during private track days or during spectator events.
Types of fuel:

  • 98-unleaded
  • 110-lead
  • 112-lead

  Do you have a teen driving school?

Road Atlanta does not offer a teen driving school but NASA (http://nasaproracing.com/) has one and Skip Barber Racing School offers a defensive course (http://www.skipbarber.com).

  Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. They can be purchased at online or by calling 800-849-7223.

  Can I bring my ATV (anything over 125cc) or a golf cart to any of your events?

Yes. You must purchase an ATV pass for each event and sign a waiver. Here are the rules and regulations for this: Click Here

  Where do I sit when I come to Road Atlanta?

Seating areas are located in the two following areas:

  • Terrace seating by turn 10a/b
  • Bleachers on the front straight

We allow fans to bring in their own chairs and blankets to sit anywhere around the track that is accessible to fans.

  Does Road Atlanta have track days?

Road Atlanta does not operate track days but go to the following link for other companies that do. Click Here

  Can I bring a cooler to the track?

Yes. Please remember no glass bottles or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the facility.

  Which events can I camp?

Spectator events that allow camping are:

  • SCCA events
  • The Mitty
  • WERA events
  • Petit Le Mans powered by Mazda
  • And occasionally a few others. Call 800-849-7223 with any questions.

  Can I bring my pets to the track?

No, Road Atlanta does not allow pets at the track.

  Where do I pick up my tickets for each event?

All events are different. Tickets will either be at will call (this building is located next to the open field with free parking) or at the front gate.

  Do you offer season passes?

Yes, check out the details here: Click Here

  Are campfires allowed during events?

No. However, you may bring a fire pit and grills.

  How can I or my group volunteer at the track?

  • We accept groups of volunteers only.
  • Please contact: Ken Noack at or call 800-849-7223

  When do the gates open for events?

  • Depends on the event. Call 800-849-7223 for specifics.
  • For camping spectator events the gates are open 24 hours/day.

  How I do to rent the track?

You must arrange an appointment with Joey Greene by calling 800-849-7223.

  Do you have handicapped parking and accessible areas?

Yes. We have several handicapped parking areas around the facility along with handicapped accessible restrooms.

  Do I have to wear my helmet when riding my ATV or motorcycle at Road Atlanta events?

Yes. Click here

  What time can competitors/participants get into the track to drop off our trailers for events?

For most events competitors can access the track at 5:00pm the night before the event (or test day if there is one).

  Can I leave my trailer here between events?

No, but you can contact Jackson Self Storage at 706-654-2880 (near 85 interstate).

  Will someone be in the office if we need to have an overnight package shipped for Saturday delivery?

No.  But if you inform the gate staff they can accept a package for you.

  Why can’t I purchase tickets to all spectator events at Road Atlanta on your Web site?

Road Atlanta’s facility hosts many events that are “Non-Road Atlanta” events. The track is rented and the series puts the event on, which means, they sell their own tickets. For those events you can purchase tickets at the gate or on the group’s Web site.

  How do I become a vendor (food/product) at all of your events?

  • Retail Sales Contact Angie Griffin, or 800-849-7223.
  • Food/Drinks Contact SPS Food Management Scott Selleck & Paula Covington, or 800-849-7223.

  How do I suggest a question/comment or complaint to the track?

E-mail us at .

Petit Le Mans 

  How much are tickets and how do I buy them?

You can purchase by phone 800-849-7223, online (Click here for Petit ticket page to purchase and see prices) or at the gate.

  How do I check into Reserved RV spaces?

Contact Joyce Smith at 800-849-7223 or by e-mailing .

  How do I obtain media credentials?

Click here for more information.

  Where do I park when I come to the event?

Road Atlanta offers free parking outside the facility or parking passes are available for purchase and will allow you to park inside the facility. To see parking areas, click here.

  How early should I arrive before the event?

On race day, Road Atlanta suggests arriving at least 3 hours before the race begins if you plan on watching or participating in the opening ceremonies.

  Will you run out of tickets for this event?

No. But it is likely parking passes for inside the facility will run out.

Drift Atlanta 

  Is there camping at this event?


  Can anyone compete in Drift Atlanta?

No, you must hold a competition licenses and then contact Formula Drift at www.formulad.com

  Do you have drifting schools?

No, contact www.formulad.com.