Still Sitting On The Fence, Trying To Decide If You Should Join Us At The Mitty? This May Help



According to HMGP president Bill Brown, "This year HMGP expects to have many celebrity riders on hand to help showcase some of the historical bikes on the track. Jamie James will be back on board his favorite old Yzf750/1000 "Yamamonster" which help take him to a championship before it went on to win a Formula USA title for Dutchman Racing.

I heard from Dave Sadowski and he is expecting to showcase some of the fabulous collection of Pete Boccarossa. We are looking forward to seeing what Pete might bring from his superb collection of superbikes. Thomas Stevens hopes to be there to ride some of Ray and Mary Haas's beautiful collection. Frank Trombino is coming down from Canada to be reunited with his 2005 Yamaha of Canada Superbike. Local AMA pros like J. B. Layman and Lindsay McGregor will be on hand should any collector need a proper test ride and evaluation of their collectible racer. Scott Russell hopes to be able to join us depending on his TV schedule. It is always good to recognize our past champions to keep the heritage alive."

Several famous bikes are expected. Valetino Rossi's father's 1981 Bimota KB1 superbike will be on display as part of the amazing Steinbugler Bimota collection. The famous banned Buckmaster R7/R1 will be on hand and is sure to draw a crowd. A rare 1982 Moriwaki 1000 racer from the days of Formula 1 is expected to return to the track after more than a 3 decade absence. In addition to the Moriwak, Matt Coughlin will be bringing an ex- Fred Merkel RC30 prepared for action. Jimmy Flice's YZF750 which won Elkhart Lake in 1989 will be on display and may be on track. The R1 that Ben Bostrom won Laguna Seca on will be on display to show the modern evolution of the engineering. Bill Brown will be displaying some of his collection including Jimmy Filice's 1987 factory Daytona bike and Rich Arnaiz's 1989 Elkhart Lake winner.