Petit Le Mans Classes - Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
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WeatherTech Championship Classes of Competition


This class features the fastest and most technologically advanced cars in North America. They are specifically designed and engineered for the race track and look drastically different than a typical street car.


GT Le Mans

The most elite and fastest GT cars on the track. They are based on production models and are engineered to extract the maximum performance possible. The class serves as a true proving ground for leading manufacturers such as BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, and Porsche.


GT Daytona

The GT Daytona cars are enhanced (not defined by) technology. They are also based on production model cars but do not feature the same level of aerodynamics and power as the GTLM class cars. The GTD class consists FIA GT3-spec cars.



Petit Fast Facts

  • 10 hours of racing
  • First run on October 10, 1998

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