World Racing League

World Racing League powered by Hagerty

JULY 26-28, 2024

World Racing League’s goal is to provide a highly competitive, professional-level racing experience on an amateur racing budget - without compromise.

That means you’ll see garage-built cars sharing the grid with factory built race cars. What does this mean for you? Some of the best competition around in the most time-honored format: multi-class endurance racing. Keep reading below to learn a little more about us and why YOU should be on the grid with WRL.


WRL aims to offer a true, professional, multi-class racing experience without all the red-tape (or cost) of “pro” racing. WRL’s rulebook balances performance by taking into account one of the biggest factors that determines to performance: the power-to-weight ratio (PWR). This method has proven itself to balance diverse fields of cars and has our race finishes down to the wire, we’re talking literal seconds after 8-14 hours of racing. Close racing sounds good on paper, but balancing such a wide range of vehicles must take a massive rulebook right? At less than 20 pages, we’ve proven that close racing doesn’t mean jumping through thousands of hoops to be compliant. WRL also aims to be one of the most accessible series for experienced drivers with a variety of ways to get involved in real W2W racing with a focus on driver development and education. Our vast variety of cars is by design: have a competitive class for nearly any racecar to call home.

Our rules, pro-racing features, live pit stops, classing, enforcement and our fantastic competitors make this some of the best bang-for-buck racing in the world.


What makes WRL racing appealing to so many? Value. Providing great features at great expense is easy, but that wasn’t our objective. Finding the best balance between pro level competition and value-driven rules and format has always been the goal. 20+ hours of included track time per weekend, 180+ treadwear tires that can last an entire race (or weekend depending on the car), rules that encourage building for reliability and our no-contact culture are just a few ways we get there. Whether you are taking the step up to WRL from budget endurance options, moving over from a sprint racing organization, or you’re tired of the ever-increasing cost and limited seat time the “pro” series offer, we’re here for you!

You might’ve seen pictures of factory built racecars or stacker haulers at WRL events and thought that this isn’t the place for you, but that just isn’t the case. Stacker trailer or open trailer, Porsche 718 or 944, WRL is one of the few places in the racing world where David and Goliath are the same height. This extends to the atmosphere and camaraderie in the paddock, it’s simply second to none - a testament to the integrity and sportsmanship of the teams and drivers that make WRL the wonderful place it is.

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